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Sisterhood. This is a word thrown around a lot when asked what makes sororities special, but what does sisterhood really mean? As Vice President of Kappa Kappa Gamma, it is my job and my pleasure to be an expert on the subject. Throughout my time in this chapter the meaning has evolved and earned more importance in my daily life at UCSB. Although the specifics of the recruitment process quickly became a blur, I will never forget how the lovely ladies at Kappa made me feel. From the silly stories shared during house tours to the heartfelt connections I made during preference night, it became clear to me very quickly that these were my people. My love for Kappa and admiration for our sisterhood only grew with time. Sure distressing with slime during dead week, ice-skating, watching the superbowl and floating in the ocean with my sisters is always fun and exactly what I expected to gain once I became a part of this chapter. It’s the late nights in the library, a place to sleep when your random roommates didn’t go as planned, and a support group of so many different personalities that are always there to pick me up when I’m down and to ride the wave when I’m up. These are the moments that I could have never expected to gain from going greek that I cherish and could not imagine my college life without. Sisterhood in this house is everything I mentioned and much more that I won’t be able to fit into one letter! I am so proud to call these bright and driven women not only my best friends, but my sisters and I am grateful for how this chapter’s sisterhood has shaped my college years. 


Vice President Standards 

Kaylee Sink